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JMF Audio

JMF Audio

JMF PCD302 power line conditioner

JMF PCD302 power line conditioner

As much optimized an audio system can be it will never reveal its full potential without a clean mains power supply. Following the success of the PC3 power cord for the significant sound quality improvement that comes along, JMF Audio brings a total answer: the PCD302 power line filter and distributor, world first concept!The PCD302's exclusive bi-directional and independent filtering principle suppresses power line disturbances coming from the outside as well as interactions between audio gears.
>Dual mono concept
>Each mono section powered through an attached JMF Audio PC3 cord
>Phase detection on each input
>Bi-directional JMF Audio BDF223 filtering! 
>The PCD302 contains 6 enormous, hand wrapped, potted BDF223 filters
>10 filtered outputs of which 6 are totally independent
>Sequential power output to reduce in-rush currents on the mains
>Case and front panel size identical to the JMF Audio power amplifiers
>A single front panel button to power-on and power-off the main power supply
>Mounted on sub-chassis, acoustically floating, vibration free
>Soundproof case
>Total power handling: over 7kW
>Operation from 100 to 240VAC automatic
Elegant concept:With a simple gesture, on its front panel button, the PCD302 can start up and power down an entire JMF Audio setup, without risk of power line shutdown, without risk of "pop" in the speakers.The sequential output power-up ensures a spread of in-rush currents over time.The PCD302 is built around the same chassis as the JMF Audio power amplifiers, for a coherent stacking.Simplicity of installation:Two indicators on the rear panel light up to warn in case of phase reversal.The operation from 100 to 240V AC, without servicing, makes installation internationally easy and safe.Clear and extensive owner's manual provided.Majestic listening result:Wider soundstage, fluidity, sweetness, fullness, deeper bass. Which is typical of a JMF Audio element.Whereas renown audio power line filters and conditioners only bring a slight improvement, at best, the persons who have had the privilege to listen with the PCD302 in our rooms or at home got turned over! 

View of the 6 strips of JMF Audio BDF223 filters, hand wrapped, potted

The two warning lights in the middle indicate input phase reversal

The red dots on each output indicate the phase

Walnut finish

Rear view that shows the symmetrical dual mono concept, 

10 filtered outputs of which 6 are totally independent

Input through attached JMF Audio PC3 cords (no IEC plug)

Technical specs : 
Input current max32A in total (16A nominal on each input)
Output power max7kW in total (3.5kW per channel / 230V)
Input power cordJMF Audio PC3 attached for each channel
Output socketShuko Europe (US version possible on special order)
Power-up typeSequential, from left to right
Input voltage range100V to 230V AC (automatic, no servicing needed)
Case19" size identical to HQS6002 and HQS7001 amplifiers
FinishesAluminum machined, brushed, anodized, or wood walnut laser engraved

JMF Audio, Power Amp

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