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Ansuz Digitalz


At Ansuz Acoustics, we believe that in the creation of the ideal interface for music it is not just important to use high-tech materials, It is much more important to have an understanding of how components interact, and also the interactions between signals, currents and vibrations.
  1. Optional BNC, RCA or XLR (AES/EBU) connector
  2. Housing with NSC® technology inside
  3. Highly flexible DIHC® technology wire with heavy duty black sleeving
  4. Selective laser sintered d·tc housings with dynamically charged dielectric material and active tesla coil inside (d·tc Powerbox needed)

DGC® technology

Direct Ground Connector TechnologyPowerful center conductor that provides the best possible ground connection for your components.

NSC® technology

Noise Suppressing Coil technologyCoil technology that very efficiently suppresses electrical noise.

Ansuz, Cable

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