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JMF Audio

JMF Audio

JMF Power Amplifiers HQS 9001

JMF Power Amplifiers HQS 9001
Input- Sensitivity- Impedance- Connection- Common mode rejection- Type- MonitoringAll models have the same voltage gain (which eases multi-amplification)20kΩ3 pin XLR - metal housed, gold contacts100dB CMRR, based on psychoacoustic criteria since 2012High precision balanced input stage (impedance matched to PRS1.5)Level metering on bargraph (-15dB to +3dB) (except HQS1050: -3dB, +3dB)Input offset, overload and high temperature indicated by LEDs
Output- Output power RMS
HQS9001600W / 8Ω1000W / 4Ω1700W / 2Ω     3000W / 1Ω
HQS7001380W / 8Ω700W / 4Ω1000W / 2Ω
HQS6002250W / 8Ω450W / 4Ω550W / 2Ω     per channel
HQS1050150W / 8Ω250W / 4Ω     on 2013 model

JMF Audio, Power Amp

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